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The periods depression associated with chronic gastric and hepatic disease and with the menopause are well known the laity. Painful diseases and exhausting streptococcic infection are especially prone Irritability common in otherwise normal individuals that must not looked upon as pathologic unless passes reasonable bounds. High-strung, energetic, and intellectual men are often notably irritable, and especially after hard and prolonged mental labor, more particularly if has been accomplished under stimulation tea or coffee. Any unusual expenditure nervous force likely leave the subject i need help starting my essay not only irritable but depressed, as in the case the clergyman's blue Monday.

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Nearly all invalids are oversensitive and irritable some degree, but those with the uric acid diathesis and gout are notably In general terms sleep becomes less sound as advance in age, and less hours rest are necessary.

Few individuals are able remain in health with less than five or six hours sleep, and these are likely past middle age. In the main working period life, seven eight hours the average demanded, while children demand more and more as approach infancy.

Men usually require less sleep than women. There the greatest diversity in the sleep habits different individuals. One prostrated over the loss a part one night's sleep, and another, like Napoleon or Edison, may perform Herculean write my essay for me no plagiarism assignment writers in uk labor with but four hours rest in the twentyfour. Manual labor requires more sleep than mental, but the quality mental work falls oflF more rapidly than that manual labor if help writing grad school essay the hours sleep too much curtailed. Insomnia. By insomnia mean the inability sleep normally. As a functional disorder see in patients nervous temperament, and especially those who use the brain rather than the muscular system. Irregular hours sleep, the untimely or excessive use tea and coflFee, the use alcohol and tobacco immoderately certain persons, over-excitement, and that over-sensitiveness the nervous mechanism seen in neurasthenics, predispose sleeplessness. In mania and other types insanity, especially paresis, in delirium tremens, in the initial stages many the acute infectious diseases, in many buy psychology papers diseases accompanied increased intracranial best personal statement writing services pressure, exophthalmic goiter, and in most diseases accompanied continuous pain or other form irritation, a In anemia the brain from arteriosclerosis or from cardiac disease, often distressing. In the aged frequently present as a mild but slightly troublesome symptom.

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In a child should call for careful search for some serious organic cause. One the chief reasons for the lack endurance the neurasthenic the lack rest for his nervous system at night, because sleeplessness or that light slumber in which still suffers mentally from the worries the day. Somnolence. This occurs in various organic cerebral diseases, notably in cerebral syphilis, dementia, and certain types arteriosclerosis.

Various toxic substances may cause as those found in diabetes, and alcohol, opium and other drugs, and the poisons PARESTHESIA, TREMOR, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC. uremia. InsuflScient supply blood the brain, as in anemia heart disease the toxins the Trypanosoma Gambiense in African sleeping-sickness cheap ghost writer services obesity, as in the case Dicken's fat boy myxedema and various forms insanity have drowsiness as a prominent symptom. Increase or decrease blood supply, under certain conditions, may associated with either wakefulness or drowsiness, and neither due exclusively one cause.


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