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These have the marks degeneracy with such mental aberrations as render them unfit for the Debiles, Idiots, Imbeciles. Feeble-minded and others the lowest research writing help class belong under this heading. EXPLORATORY PUNCTURES AND EXAMINATION OF THE FLUIDS A HOLLOW needle used for the purpose exploring suspected areas, and especially determine if fluid present A larger and longer needle than that ordinarily used the hypodermic syringe may employed with this instrument, or preferably a somewhat larger, easily sterilized syringe. It needless comment the necessity having the instrument in perfect order, or upon the need surgical asepsis in using the needle.

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With a needle two or three inches in length, and not over one-twelfth one-twentieth inch in diameter, there little danger in an exploration, if done with reasonable judgment. I have known the puncture in a leukemic liver, explored upon the suspicion that contained best thesis editing services an abscess, continue buy phd thesis online bleed into the abdomen until death resulted, but this was rather from defective coagulability the blood than the extent the trauma.

The spleen may bleed in similar manner if punctured when enlarged. In general, however, the heart and lungs cause but little trouble when the needle accidentally touches them, and the results attained are important as justify the risk take. The chlorid ethyl spray, the application pure phenol, or injection one the local anesthetic solutions may resorted if necessary.

The needle should pushed steadily forward, avoiding too sudden a movement for fear disaster if a rib or other bone encountered, and the piston then withdrawn. If no fluid appear the needle should slowly withdrawn, since may have passed through a thin layer fluid, which might miss if the withdrawal national honor society essay help were too precipitate. Before complete withdrawal, the direction may changed and a new territory explored.

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If serious doubt exist, well make a microscopical examination any contents in the eye personal statement writer the needle, though should rarely fail find macroscopic evidence pus if present. If one fairly confident fluid several explorations may made. I have found pus in a small empyema upon the thirteenth puncture in one case, the entire region explored being little larger than the palm the hand.

The patient had been repeatedly explored other physicians before without success, but his symptoms made almost absolutely certain that pus Any movements imparted the needle respiratory or cardiac movements, etc. should carefully noted. If employ a needle connected rubber tubing with a bottle and provided with a glass window, may determine whether i need help writing my thesis a cavity near the college essay writers line the diaphragm actually above or below that line the aspirating effect inspiration upon the fluid cheapest custom research papers in the tube, if in the chest cavity, or the expulsive effect if below the diaphragm. Solid tissue may occasionally withdrawn in the hollow the needle, especially if the needle has been rotated and pushed in and drawn out with the express idea retaining the tissue The fluid obtained should first examined macroscopically.

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We may determine in many cases the presence fibrin, blood or pus, and get some further ideas its character its odor. The latter may that an abscess with the characteristic colon bacillus infection, or may urinous. With the microscope may find blood cells, pus cells, bacteria, echinococcus booklets, amebae, chylous fat The presence a fair number polymorphonuclear cells in an apparently serous pleural effusion should lead explore the lower part the chest, since the pus cells often settle and leave an The presence food particles in fluid may signify a perforation the stomach or other portion the digestive tract. Cells or fragments from a tumor may secured, cholesterin crystals may found in old serous exudates, and hematoidin crystals in old purulent The specific gravity the fluid, if in sufficient amount for the procedure, raay taken, and then the chemical tests applied for The pleural cavity the one most frequently calling for exploration. The traditional directions aspirate in the seventh space in the axillary line or the sixth near the angle the scapula are utterly insufficient. The exploration should made at the center the area greatest flatness or dulness, wherever this may paying due regard the position the heart and great vessels.


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