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Pterygium and other growths are more especial interest the specialist.

The Cornea. The medical diagnostician should inspect the cornea for ulcers, keratitis, and the arteriosclerotic change designated arcus senilis.

The exposed cornea in exophthalmic goiter and typhoid and after paralysis the seventh nerve, the anesthetic one in paralysis the first division the fifth ner.ve, or after removal its ganglion for neuralgia, and in hysteria, the inflamed cornea after trauma and from the eflfect the eruption small-pox, and the cornea lessened resisting power, as help finishing thesis in tuberculous children, are the especial seats ulceration.

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The dendritic ulcer the result trophic disturbance in the distribution the fifth nerve.

Keratitis the interstitial type interest as indicating a probable hereditary syphilitic infection.

It usually bilateral, occurs in children, and commonly associated with other signs a luetic heredity. The vascularized ground-glass opacity the cornea, less opaque in certain areas, characteristic. Arcus Senilis. A congenital form exists.

Much dispute occurs as the significance the acquired grayish ring, at times incomplete, around the cornea, frequently present in senility.

There can no question that a degenerative change, whether or not always due arteriosclerosis, and the subject not a fit candidate for life insurance in opinion, whether appreciable hardening the arteries found or not. I have seen as early as the fourth decade, especially after chronic exhaustive diseases. The false arcus, due fatty deposit, and more yellow in color, should not mistaken for the true form. Irides diflferent color are not uncommon, and are reckoned amongst the stigmata degeneration. Deformity as the result iridectomy or trauma, and adhesions and consequent irregularity in the shape the pupil, should need someone to write my paper for me sought for. Iritis sufficiently common in syphilis and certain toxemias lead the clinician investigate such sources origin before referring the cases a specialist.

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The chronic rheumatic affections, tuberculosis, and essay writing help gout should also We should examine the pupils for evidence dilatation assignment writing service review or contraction, inequality anisocoria, irregularity margin, response light and accommodation, hippus, and for the skin reflex. The parallelism or otherwise the eyes commonly noted during this Dilatation. Dilated pupils are seen most commonly as the result the use mydriatics for examination vision, or cocain often unilateral for the removal a foreign body. Cocain habitues show mydriasis when under the influence the drug. In neurotic and hysterical individuals, in many tuberculous subjects, and in children, dilated pupils are common. In anesthesia from chloroform and ether, fast custom essay sudden dilatation the buy essays cheap pupils an ominous sign. In optic atrophy and in blindness from other causes the pupils dilate, and the light reflex fails. In cerebral anemia from any cause, in severe dyspnea, and as resume writing service business plan the result gross disease in the brain or meninges, dilatation often seen, due either irritation the dilating mechanism the pupil or paralysis the contract In certain types insanity, after epileptic convulsions, and in diphtheritic paralysis, dilatation both pupils frequent.


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