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The annual average fat stock which entered the city was as follows Four thousand bulls and cows, sixty thousand sheep and lambs, twenty thousand A decree Duke Charles Calabria, issued May i, ordered merchants the Guild Butchers drive more oxen and cows out Apulia for the provisioning the city.

Raisers stock were obliged themselves market and drive only their own beasts.

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Agents or brokers were not allowed come between them and the retail butchers.

This injunction held for a good hundred years or more I I. The driving cattle, whether the shambles or not, was subject strict regulations, and each animal was taxed, the bigger cattle at eight twelve, and small animals at four denari per head. Each beast had a label or ticket attached his horn or throat paper writing service cheap with the owner's name written upon Foreign cattle driven strangers, and sold in the Market, or at the Gates, had killed and the meat exposed the same evening.

On no condition were wholesale butchers allowed sell hawkers until the amount fresh high quality article writing services meat usually required, day day, the citizens had been provided and disposed the ordinary retail Clever salesmen were in the habit underselling, four denari in the pound, the daily market official prices and this evasion the regulations was not only condoned but encouraged the authorities. What the intention this irregularity was difficult understand, only might have been due a paternal wish that all citizens, even the very poorest, might enjoy, at least during public festivals, a better diet than was article writers wanted The Mercato Vecchio was for a long period the principal centre the Butchers. Around its four sides open stalls were placed, whereon meat for retail sale was exposed. It was strongly forbidden keep meat for sale inside a house or store within the city, and not until well in the fourteenth century were covered The new Ponte Vecchio, built the State, at a cost sixty thousand gold florins, had a double row shops.

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Fortyfour these were claimed and granted Guild Butchers, and remained in the occupation members until, when the Goldsmiths obtained them from Cosimo I.

Retail-butchers the Market were not suffered enter into partnership with cattle-dealers. They could not keep more than one assistant. They were required live within five hundred yards the Piazza Santa Croce, in the vicinity which were the shambles. Every butcher before was licensed, either kill, or expose meat, was compelled enrolled or matriculated in During the Patronal Festival San Giovanni in June there was always a great increase in the supply butcher's meat, and this called into work many extra hands. At all such festivals the prices charged the Macellai were fixed the Consuls the Guild, and a tariff was ordered exposed at every stall. The licence also the Guild was required all temporary assistants, and the amount their wages was arranged the Consuls.

The Macellai could only buy fat cattle at the weekly public sales, and they were, a Provvisione, obliged slaughter the animals within eight days purchase. The slaughtering and dressing meat were subject strict regulations, and only dissertation writing jobs in certain localities, outside pay to write paper the city, and at fixed hours, was permissible carry out these processes. The tax demanded the State for the slaughtering essay writer funny beasts was the same as that fixed for killing bears and wild boars, but varied in amount considerably from time time. The sale pigs was wholly prohibited in the Old and New Markets, and in front the Podesta's Palace. Fat pigs were not allowed kept in any dwelling-house in Borgo d'Ognissanti, or any locality bordering upon the river. Butchers were forbidden carry beef bellies, bullock and rams heads, and the skins recently killed animals through the essay revision service Butchers, Slaughterers, and Innkeepers, selling recently killed meat and cooked joints, were required appear before the authorities the Market in the month January each year. They had deposit a security fifty lire and swear that they would exercise their calling honestly and loyally. Tripe-sellers, whether men or women, sausage-makers, and cooks snacks at the smaller inns, were also ordered appear in the month January each year before the Notary the Captains Or San Michele swear obedience the Statutes.


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