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It comes severely, but subsides in two or three days. The occurrence deafness as a result has been Intermittent Form. In this variety probably owing successive involvement new foci, but perhaps renewed growth essay paper writing services the diplococcus, the symptoms become more severe every two or three days, subsiding between times. The temperature irregularly Mild Form. Diagnosis this variety possible only during epidemics, unless help with a thesis statement for a research paper spinal puncture.

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Fever may trivial or absent Headache, malaise, stiffness the neck, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo may noted in various combinations.

In a help writing papers for college physician's wife I noted headache help with website that writes essay as you type writing paper and slight rigidity the neck, with an intolerable hyperesthesia, requiring morphin hypodermically for over a Chronic Form. These cases, instead recovering, as in the ordinary forms, during the first month, help with my essay may run for two five months, with extreme emaciation.

Exacerbations and remissions occur, and the patients may die exhaustion or the complications the disease, or finally recover. Chronic hydrocephalus probably active in producing the symptoms in certain cases, and abscess the brain, general neuritis, or other post-meningitic lesions doubtless Complications and Sequelae.

The eye and ear complications have been mentioned. Pneumonia, which may due the specific organism meningitis, may occur, especially toward the end an epidemic. Suppurative arthritis common in certain epidemics, but milder forms joint involvement are much more often seen. Meningococcus septicemia may accompany the joint trouble, the endocardium being generally involved.

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Parotitis, sometimes suppurative, pericarditis, endocarditis, and nephritis may occur.

Elser found the meningococcus in the blood in about the The sequels are commonly the direct results the damage done the meninges and the brain the infiammatory process, or a peripheral neuritis. Hydrocephalus, chronic headaches, idiocy, or other forms mental impairment, damage sight, speech, hearing, taste, paralysis any the cranial nerves, paraplegia, eta, Diagnosis. The recognition cerebrospinal fever depends upon the presence definite meningeal signs and symptoms, for the phenomena due the severe general infection are not sufficient for diagnosis from other infectious diseases.

If there are added the general features a severe infection such as might occur in variola, typhus, pneumonia, scarlet fever, or meningeal typhoid, Kernig's sign, deafness, blindness, ptosis, ocular paralysis or paralysis other muscles, the diagnosis becomes presumptive, and may ordinarily established lumbar puncture and examination the Kernig's sign present, or cases meningitis, and adds much the probability the diagnosis, although may found in the cases so-called meningeal typhoid, and may absent in the malignant, comatose type meningitis. The discomfort and often quite sharp pain should manifested when, in the attempt straighten the leg upon the flexed thigh, an angle attained. A strong contraction the flexors the Lumbar Puncture. Quincke's method has added much our ability diagnose meningitis that should adopted early in doubtful cases. The generally turbid exudate professional research writers contains the intracellular diplococcus and often many the cocci free in the fluid as well. It necessary withhold the diagnosis and repeat the procedure later if the result negative. Koplik finds that in the absence both the meningococcus and the tubercle bacillus, cerebrospinal fever more probable in any given case, since tubercle bacilli are found with more certainty in the tuberculous meningitis than the diplococci in chronic spinal meningitis.


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